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Evangeline here with some freebies I think you’ll love. You’re probably familiar with my Brides of the Kindred series which is a lot of fun to write (and hopefully to read.) But now I started a new scifi romance series called Alien Mate Index. The first four books are now available and I wanted to give you an exclusive look at them—a free novella for each which is the first part of the book.

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Are you ready for a whole new race of Alien Warriors?
How about 12 new races?

From the pen of Evangeline Anderson, the writer who brought you Brides of the Kindred, comes The Alien Mate Index series.

Everyone thinks that life on Earth just evolved —
Our planet, and twelve others, all capable of supporting Terran life, was seeded by the Ancient Ones.
Then Earth was locked away, kept safe in the cocoon of our ozone layer. But now there’s a gaping hole in our security blanket and guess who’s coming to dinner?
That’s right—the Alien warriors of the Twelve Peoples—also descended from the Ancient Ones, are looking for mates and Earth girls are their first choice.

And there are more…so many more Alien warriors to pick from.
Which type of male would you choose?

Too bad you won’t have a choice, because thanks to the Alien Mate Index,
an agency that abducts Earth brides for alien males, you could be snatched at any time and turned into a massive warrior’s mate or concubine.

So the real question is—who will choose you?

The Vorn:

Savage, horned warriors, feared throughout the galaxy, these males can be surprisingly gentle to the females they choose to bond with.


come in pairs—two muscular males who share a psychic bond…and feel the need to share a woman as well

The Majorans:

worship their females as goddesses, the very color of their skin changing with their bonded mate’s mood


are berserkers with black-on-white eyes that can see every spectrum of light. They will defend their females to the last drop of blood in their huge, blue bodies.


Most mysterious of the Twelve Peoples, these warriors will literally sweep you of your feet


Savage in their lusts, these Alien Warriors demand that a female submits to them utterly.

Alien Mate Index

Hello, and welcome to the Alien Mate Index, the premier site for finding the most exotic, rare, and succulent brides in the galaxy. Here at the AMI, we pride ourselves on offering only the best of the best—those females who were blessed with special abilities by the Ancient Ones, those who seeded our fair galaxy with life, praise their names.

We recently have come across a fine new planet, ripe for harvest. For years this planet—called “Earth” by its inhabitants—was locked against us. However, it has recently become accessible and we at the AMI assure you that its females are by far the most desirable of any world we have yet exploited.

Why not come and see for yourself? Any female you like can be yours for the asking. They have no idea we are watching them—no idea that at any time we can transport them to our station for the express purpose of becoming mates and concubines to some of the most powerful males in the galaxy. And there is nothing they can do about it.

Come today and see our fine selection. I assure you, you won’t be disappointed.

Char’noth S’rath,
Lead Transportation and Sensitivity Exam Officer,
AMI Inc.

About the Author

Evangeline Anderson is a registered MRI tech who would rather be writing. And yes, she is nerdy enough to have a bumper sticker that says “I’d rather be writing.” Honk if you see her! She is thirty-something and lives in Florida with a husband, a son, and two cats. She had been writing erotic fiction for her own gratification for a number of years before it occurred to her to try and get paid for it. To her delight, she found that it was actually possible to get money for having a dirty mind and she has been writing paranormal and Sci-fi erotica steadily ever since.