Hello, Readers!

On Jan 1, 2016, I posted my blog, 2015 to 2016, where I did my first ever looking back at the previous year and looking forward to the coming year. It was so fun doing that blog plus being able to look back at the post and compare it to what actually happened this year that I have decided to do it once again.

Below you will find the Looking Back at 2016 section where you can see my books (printed books, ebooks, audiobooks and re-releases) that released during the year of 2016. After that section, you will find the Looking Forward to 2017 section where I will set my book release goals for the upcoming year (some temp covers used). Just remember that these books and dates are subject to change.

Hugs and Happy Reading,
Evangeline 🙂

Looking Back at 2016 (most recent first)

purity_updatedcoverpurity_audiobook_updatedcoverPurity: Pure and Tainted Book 1 (Alien Warrior Scifi Romance) 

Audiobook (narrated by William Martin)

Re-releasing with new cover: Dec 30, 2016



Cougar Christmas

Cougar Christmas: (Older Woman/Younger Man Christmas Romance)

Released: Nov 26, 2016



ea_dangerouscravings_audiobookDangerous Cravings 

Audiobook (narrated by Anne Johnston Brown and William Martin)

Released: Nov 14, 2016



Severed: Alien Mate Index Book 4 (Alien Warrior BBW I/R Science Fiction Paranormal Romance)

Released: Oct 29, 2016



Hunger Moon Rising

Hunger Moon Rising: (Paranormal Werewolf Shifter Romance)

Re-released: Sep 24, 2016




Descended: Alien Mate Index Book 3: (Alien Warrior BBW Paranormal Science fiction Romance) (The Alien Mate Index)

Released: Aug 27, 2016




dessert_btd_short_audiobookDessert: Born to Darkness Short Story (Paranormal Shifter Vampire Romance)

Audiobook (narrated by William Martin)

Released: Aug 14, 2016



Protected: Alien Mate Index Book 2: (Alien Warrior BBW Paranormal Science fiction Romance)

Released: Jul 19, 2016




Abducted: Alien Mate Index Book 1: (Alien Warrior BBW Science Fiction Paranormal Romance)

Released: Jun 11, 2016



The Institute: Mishka

The Institute: Mishka’s Spanking: (Age Play Discipline Romance)

Released: May 7, 2016



FoundaudiobookFound: Brides of the Kindred Book 4 (Alien I/R Scifi Romance)

Audiobook (narrated by Jodie Bentley)

Released: Apr 7, 2016


Switched–Brides of the Kindred 17: (Alien Scifi BBW Romance)

Released: Mar 25, 2016



Anyone U Want

Released: Mar 1, 2016



The Institue: Daddy Issues

The Institute: Daddy Issues (Age Play Discipline Romance)

Released: Feb 14, 2016



Looking Forward to 2017


Uncharted: Brides of the Kindred Book 18 

Tentative Release Date: Jan 2017




planet-x-temp-audioPlanet X (temp cover)

Re-release as an ebook & audiobook

Tentative Release Date: Feb 2017




Unbound: Brides of the Kindred Book 19 (temp cover)

Tentative Release Date: Mar 2017





Buck Naked: Cougarville Series Book 1 (temp cover)

Tentative Release Date: Apr 2017





Cougar Bait: Cougarville Series Book 2 (temp cover)

Tentative Release Date: May 2017




Alien Mate Index Series Book 5 (temp cover)

Tentative Release Date: Jun 2017





Alien Mate Index Series Book 6 (temp cover)

Tentative Release Date: Jul 2017




Stone Cold Fox: Cougarville Series Book 3  (temp cover)

Tentative Release Date: Aug 2017




forherpleasure_highresforherpleasure-audioFor Her Pleasure 

Re-release as an ebook & audiobook

Tentative Release Date: Sept 2017