Confessions of a Lingerie Model

I went into the small room the man with glasses had pointed me to without a second thought. If I knew Honey, she could fend for herself. Also, she’d probably be half-naked and posing in some tiny little outfit and loving every minute of it. Don’t get me wrong—she’s my best friend. But she’s also kind of a slut.

That wasn’t going to happen to me, though. I’m a nice girl, even if I do model. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with showing off your natural assets, as Honey calls them, as long as you know where to draw the line. And I always know where to draw it.

So as soon as I walked into the small studio to model lingerie, I knew exactly what I was going to tell them. I’ll do erotic shots as long as they’re tasteful. Nothing crotchless and nothing nippleless—well, you get the idea.

“Oh good—the model’s finally here.” The man who was speaking looked to be around five years older than me with thick black hair and green eyes. He was looking at his watch as he said it and he had a frown on his face. But when I stepped into his line of vision and he looked up at me, the frown melted into a friendly smile. “Well, at least you were worth waiting for,” he said, pulling me forward. “Come on, let’s get started. We don’t have all day.”

I saw that the studio was made up like a bedroom, with a lacy canopy bed set up in the center where I supposed I would be posing.

“Isn’t there a wardrobe department or something?” I asked, nervously. The man with the green eyes laughed. He was very big and the laugh just sort of rumbled up from deep in his chest.

“Where do you think you are, sweetheart? Hollywood?” He pointed to a small folding room divider in the corner. “There’s ‘wardrobe’ right there. Get back there and put on the white outfit first, okay?”

I felt kind of nervous changing with him and the photographer, (who was a quiet man with sandy blond hair) in the room, but what else could I do? I went behind the folding partition and started taking off my clothes. All of them.

The white ‘outfit’ he referred to turned out to be a white lacy bra and panties. The cups on the bra were so low that they almost showed my nipples and the panties were cut very small too. Since my main rule for modeling is that I don’t show my nipples or pussy, I was kind of hesitant to put them on. But then the man with green eyes (he told me his name was Todd while I was changing) started saying I should hurry up, that we didn’t have all day.

I felt nervous coming out dressed in the revealing bra and panties set but Todd only nodded and instructed me to get on the bed. I sat on the edge with my legs closed and my arms crossed over my chest until Todd said I should loosen up.

“What’s wrong, Sharon, baby?” he asked gently. “You’re beautiful and I know this can’t be the first time you’ve modeled.”

Blushing I explained that I had never modeled anything so skimpy before.

“But that’s half the fun of it,” Todd told me with a smile. “You can be as daring as you want because, between you and me, these pictures aren’t going to show your face. The company whose lingerie you’re wearing doesn’t want the model’s head in the shot distracting from their product so if we get a little risky, it doesn’t matter. Nobody will ever know it’s you—all they’ll see is that hot little body with no face to go with it. Okay?”

Well, after he told me no one would ever see my face, I loosened up a little. I mean, what harm could it do? As long as it was just my body they were shooting, I could be anybody. I started out laying on my side so that my breasts pushed together and then Todd urged me to lay back on the bed and spread my legs a little, so they could get some better pictures of the panties.

Then he had another idea. “Sharon,” he said, putting his head to one side like he was thinking hard. “I have an idea. Why don’t you pull down the cups of that pretty white bra just a little—show the contrast of your nipples against the lace fabric. It should make a really nice, classy shot.”

Blushing hard, I explained my basic rule to him—that I don’t show my nipples or my pussy while I’m modeling because what would I do if someone I knew saw the shots?

“But nobody’s going to know it’s you because we’re not shooting your face,” he reminded me. “But I’ll tell you what, if you want, just pull down the cups and cover your nipples with your fingers. That’s a sexy shot and it really doesn’t show too much—just the curve of your breasts. The client will pay more money for a little sex in his pictures and you’ll get a good cut of it.”

I thought about what he said and it made sense. Nobody would see my face and I wouldn’t really be breaking my rule. Plus my rent was due and the sound of more money sounded good. With trembling fingers, I pulled the low white lace cups down, baring my breasts completely and covered my nipples with my fingertips.

I posed all over the place while the photographer took pictures and I felt so sexy—no other modeling job had ever asked me to do something like this and it was making me kind of hot, although I would have died rather than admit it.

After we got lots of shots of me like that, Todd asked me what I thought about doing the same thing down below.
“What do you mean?” I asked. “I already told you I don’t show my pussy when I model.”

“Well, you wouldn’t be showing it exactly,” Todd said. “I mean, I bet what you don’t want to show is the hot pink inside of your little pussy, right? But what about the outside?”

Well, I had never made a distinction between inside or outside before but when Todd explained what he wanted me to do, I saw that once again, he made sense. I lay back on the bed and spread my legs so that they could take pictures of the tiny white lace panties which barely covered my pussy lips. Then, following Todd’s instructions, I pulled the panties up so that the sides of the white lace disappeared into my pussy, leaving the lips bare. My clit was still covered, so I thought it was all right.

“Very nice,” Todd murmured as he watched me pose. “You’re shaved, aren’t you?”

I nodded, too embarrassed to speak. Shaving all the hair off my little pussy had been Honey’s idea and I had never felt so naked before as when he looked between my legs.

“Let me just see if I can make it a little sexier,” Todd said. He came over and reached between my legs. “I’m just going to adjust the panties, Sharon,” he said, before I could object. “So don’t get upset—I won’t do anything you don’t want me to.”

He seemed so nice and sincere that I lay back and let him do what he wanted. “We like to see the outline of your clit under the panties,” he explained, reaching down to adjust them. “That way it’s almost like saying, ‘look, this lingerie is so hot it turns me on to wear it.’ That’s what the client wants.”

I would have answered him, but I suddenly lost my breath when I felt his hands on me. He was pulling the tiny v crotch of the panties higher between my pussy lips, and spreading me open with his fingers. Then he smoothed the white lace panties down with his fingertips, stroking over my aching clit to make sure the panties were clinging to me just right. His hands on me felt large and warm and knowing and I had the embarrassing realization that I was getting very wet between my legs. I wondered if he could see my hot pink insides through the sheer lace of the panties.

“There now,” Todd said with satisfaction. He told the photographer to take more pictures, especially of my pussy all spread out under the white lace panties. Then he told me to go back behind the screen and put on what he called ‘the black outfit.”

The black outfit was even skimpier than the white one. It was a sheer black lace babydoll gown that split right below the breasts to show my navel and a tiny pair of sheer black panties that were even smaller than the white ones. They barely covered my pussy slit and my lips were completely exposed. When I put it on, I could clearly see both my nipples and my slit.

I explained to Todd that I wasn’t sure about the outfit because even though my nipples and pussy were covered, it was still kind of breaking the rules.

“Oh, come on, Sharon,” he coaxed me, in that deep voice of his. “You already showed more than you meant to, it can’t hurt to show a little more. The sexier the pictures, the more the client will pay for them and remember, nobody will be seeing your face.”

I decided he was right and I had just come out to show him the outfit, when the door opened and another man came in. He was a little taller than Todd and he had brown hair and blue eyes. I started to back away behind the screen but Todd called me back and told me not to be shy.

This is just Jack, my production assistant. I’m showing him the ropes—you don’t mind if he watches, do you?”
I thought about it and decided it didn’t really matter. Besides, Jack was almost as hot as Todd and to be honest, it kind of turned me on to let both of them see me in the tiny little sheer black outfit. I sat and lay on the bed, posing the way Todd directed me to and Jack had some suggestions too.

“Why don’t you pull the top out of the way so we can get some good pictures of those pretty nipples,” he said, in a softer voice than Todd used. “I know those would be some great shots.”

Well, Todd started to explain about my rule to Jack, but I stopped him. “I guess it can’t hurt,” I said. “Just this once.”

Feeling hot and naughty, I pulled the sides of the top out of the way and let them take pictures of my naked breasts and nipples. Then Jack came up with the idea for me to lay back and take more pictures of my pussy.
I felt a little more nervous this time as I lay on my back and waited for Todd to adjust me. The black panties were so tiny that when he spread me open, they barely covered my clit.

“You’re wet,” he murmured, while he adjusted them. It made me nervous and I started to close my legs but he shook his head. “No, don’t Sharon. It’s a good thing. Let me show Jack so he knows what to look for in the future.”
He called Jack over and pointed out how wet I was getting. It made me nervous and hot to have both of those tall, sexy guys looking down at my little pussy all spread open in front of them.

“That’s really good,” Jack agreed, in that soft voice. “But wouldn’t it be even better if you could really see the wetness? I mean—her panties should be soaked with it—glistening and shiny. We should spread it around some.” He reached for me and then stopped. “Do you mind if I show Todd what I mean?” he asked, nicely.

“Sure,” I said, feeling nervous but determined not to show it. “Go ahead—it’s okay.”

“Thank you,” Jack said. Then he turned to Todd. “See, like this,” he said, and reached down to rub the sheer black material of the panties against my wet pussy. “If you have to, you can even get them wetter,” he said. I gasped to feel his large, blunt fingertips dipping into my pussy to gather moisture to spread over the sheer black panties. It felt so good, I didn’t protest, even when his thick fingers went right up inside me, filling my little pussy to the limit.

“Hmm, I see what you mean,” Todd said, standing back to get a good view. “We should take some pictures like that—with you getting her ready, I mean.”

They didn’t ask me this time if it was all right but I was past caring. Jack spread my legs wide and the photographer took picture after picture of him fingering my pussy under the black lace panties. There were pictures of him stroking my swollen little clit and pictures with his fingers buried part of the way and then all of the way inside my tight pussy. Oh, it felt so good!

After a long time when I thought I might come just from Jack touching me, Todd said it was time to try a new outfit. “Try the pink one,” he said. “The one with the rings.

Well, the pink one turned out to be a bikini-type top with two gold metal rings that fit over my hard plump nipples which poked out the center of each one. It was tied on with pink strings. The bottom was even worse. It just had one round metal ring but I couldn’t figure out where to put it.

“Come out and I’ll show you,” Todd said, when I admitted I couldn’t figure it out. He adjusted the strings and had me spread my legs wide for him. To my embarrassment, it turned out that two of the strings held my pussy lips open while the gold ring encircled my throbbing clit. I had never felt so exposed in my life and yet, I was loving it. It was so hot.

“Mmm, very nice,” Jack said approvingly, watching as Todd stroked my clit to make sure it stuck out enough. “You know,” he said, turning to Todd. “I think we should give Sharon a chance to do some really special shots. You know—the extra sexy ones the clients pay the most for?”

Todd looked at me and nodded his head. “Yes—she’s got just the right look. It’s a great idea.”

They positioned me on the bed on my hands and knees and I was a little nervous about the whole thing until they explained to me that we were just going to be doing what they called ‘fake fuck’ shots. Both Todd and Jack were going to be in the pictures with me but nothing would actually happen. The goal was to make the person looking at the picture that something was just about to happen or that something had already happened.

Once we had that settled, I relaxed and started to enjoy myself again. Todd got behind me and Jack got on his knees in front of me and both of them unzipped their pants. Since I knew nothing was going to happen, it didn’t bother me when both of them pulled out the most enormous cocks I had ever seen.

“Now see,” Jack said softly. “Just pretend like you’re about to kiss the head of my cock while Andy (that was the photographer) takes the shot. I did what he said and then I got a little bolder and actually did kiss it.
“Mmm,” Jack said softly. “That’s nice. That would make a great shot—do it again for the camera.” I did and just as the camera clicked, I felt something hot and hard bumping my inner thigh.

I looked back but Todd told me not to worry—that he was just doing the same kind of fake shot that we were. “I’m just putting the head of my cock between your legs to make it look real,” he assured me. “In fact, it would look better if you spread a little wider so we could get a shot of my rubbing against your pussy lips.”

I did what he said, spreading my legs and kissing the head of Jack’s cock again while Todd rubbed the head of his cock against my wide open slit and my swollen clit which was throbbing inside the little golden ring that put it on display.

“That’s very good,” Jack murmured, after a while. “But we could do better. What if you took just the head of my cock between your lips? Pretend like you’re sucking it—that would be really hot.”

I had to agree with him so I opened my mouth and licked and sucked the head of his cock, just like he wanted me to. Then Todd had the idea to put the head of his cock inside my pussy which was still held open by the pink strings of my outfit. It made me nervous at first—it was almost like fucking, after all, but then he promised it would be just the head and it would look so hot and I agreed.

It felt like hours that I posed on my hands and knees, licking the head of Jack’s cock like a lollypop while Todd pressed the wide head of his cock in and out of my tight wet pussy. I know we got lots of good pictures but then Todd said they could get even better.

“What makes these shots look really good and authentic is if we’re all wet,” he said. “Like if you go ahead and suck Jack to the root just once then it looks like you’re giving him a real blow job. And if I put my whole cock in your pussy all the way—just once to get it wet, then when I pull out it looks like we were really fucking.”

I figured that just once couldn’t hurt. So while I took as much of Jack’s thick shaft down my throat as I could, I could feel Todd’s cock pushing slowly all the way into my tight, wet pussy for the first time. It felt so much better than just having the head in me, the way his thickness was spreading my pussy lips and stretching my tight, hot little hole until he bottomed out inside me.

Todd stopped while he was deep in my cunt and had the photographer take several pictures of him buried all the way inside me and Jack’s cock all the way down my throat. Then he stated to pull out again, but by that time I was so hot I couldn’t stand it any more. I started sucking Jack’s cock for real and pressing my hips back towards Todd at the same time, trying to get more of his shaft inside of me.

Well, I guess after that our ‘fake fuck’ shots got real in a hurry. It felt so good that I couldn’t stop until I was full of white creamy cum on both ends. After we were finished, I met Honey and told her what I rough shoot I had had. And it was the absolute truth.