Bikini Adventures

It was all my best friend Sharon’s fault—she talked me into coming with her to the modeling shoot in the first place. I didn’t want to go, I don’t model even though people tell me I could. My name is Honey and I’m about five eight with golden blond hair that brushes my hips and big green eyes. I have a trim little waist and curvy hips but my best asset is definitely my tits.

They started growing in grade school and it used to embarrass me the way all the boys would look at them until I realized that I sort of liked it—having their eyes on me, I mean. I started wearing tight tops and accidentally ‘forgetting’ to wear my bra, just to see their eyes pop when my nipples got hard. It always made me so wet to think I was affecting them, just by showing off my natural assets.

I think that’s the real reason I don’t model—it’s because I’m a closet exhibitionist and I’m always afraid I’ll go too far. Which is exactly what happened at the shoot.

The minute we walked in, I was sure there was more than modeling going on. Dozens of nearly naked girls were strolling past in the tiniest outfits imaginable—nothing like the usual gigs Sharon drags me to.

“Uh, Sharon, are you sure this is the place?” I asked, watching a busty brunette stroll past in what looked like a crotchless body stocking and a feather boa.

“Duh, Honey,” she said, rattling the newspaper clipping in front of my face. “This is the address they listed.”
“Well, excuse me,” I muttered. I was just thinking about leaving her to fend for herself when a nice looking man with light brown hair and glasses walked up to both of us.

“You’re here for the shoot?” he asked, consulting a clipboard.

“Yes we are,” Sharon answered, grinning at me, daring me to correct the man’s mistake.

Before I could say that I was only here for moral support, he consulted the clipboard again. “You,” he nodded at Sharon, “Go find Dan Jernigan and tell him Matt says you’re perfect for lingerie.” He waved her towards a small room in the corner and she left without a backwards glance. Some friend!

“Now you…” The man I supposed must be Matt, stood back to look me over. As I felt his sharp blue eyes rake over me, I had to suppress a shiver. I had gone out, as usual, without my bra and I could feel my nipples peaking under his hot gaze.

“Yes?” I asked softly, forgetting that I hadn’t gone there to model in the first place.

“You were made to model bikinis,” Matt said softly. He brushed one large hand down my arm and I felt heat climbing my skin. “Follow me,” he said, and led me up a rickety flight of stairs to a tiny enclosed room.

Inside was a beach set, complete with a blue back ground, sand and even a striped beach ball. Matt introduced me to Jacques, a tall, dark man with piercing eyes who was the photographer, and then hustled me behind a small screen where a variety of bathing suits were laid out.

“Oh my.” I fingered the tiny scraps of soft material, some of them small enough to fit in the palm of my hand.

“Just start with whatever you feel comfortable with, and we’ll go from there,” Matt said.

Well, it didn’t take long for my closet exhibitionist to come out. I have to confess that I bypassed the traditional Brazilian bikinis and went straight for the smaller suits. These were bikinis like I’d only ever seen on-line and never dared to order. I think they’re called ‘micro’ bikinis, because they barely cover anything at all. The top was two slices of material only slightly wider than my areolas and, looking down at the tiny patch of shiny pink fabric that barely covered my pussy lips, I was really glad I had shaved that morning.

“Well?” I heard Jacques call and Matt asked, “Are you ready?”

I felt a little shy about coming out in front of them dressed in the revealing bikini but I held my head high and marched out anyway, feeling my nipples harden as they always do when I’m excited.

“Mmm, very nice,” Matt murmured in approval as I posed in front of them, listening to the click of the camera. “Now for the wet look,” he added, when Jacques motioned to him.

“Wet look?” I looked at the cup of water in his hand uncertainly.

“This bikini manufacturer guarantees that their suits are transparent when wet,” he said, smiling at me. “Don’t worry—the water’s warm.”

I stood still and let him pour warm water over the pink slice top and even spread my legs for him to pour a thin stream of it over the tiny scrap of fabric that covered my crotch. When he was done, my nipples were much more visible and you could even see the plump, naked lips of my pussy, pressing against the thin material.

They brought out a chair and Jacques motioned for me to sit on it and spread my legs. “So we can get the best pictures,” he said. It was embarrassing but hot to feel their eyes on me and hear the camera clicking as they took picture after picture of my cunt, spread out under the thin suit for them. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter and I hoped they didn’t notice.

After that Matt told me to pick another suit. I don’t know what made me do it, but I found an even smaller one. I think it’s called a ‘micromini’. The tiny white triangles of cloth were made of a see-through mesh this time and the top barely covered my nipples. The bottom was hard to figure out—should it cover my slit or my pussy lips? It wasn’t big enough to do both.

“Are you having some trouble back there?” Matt called.

Blushing, I explained my problem.

“Come out from behind the screen and I’ll help you. Don’t worry, Jacque and I have seen it all,” he said.
I came out and he explained that the tiny scrap of fabric was supposed to show the top part of my pussy slit and then disappear between the lips, creating what he called a ‘cameltoe’ effect. He helped me arrange the suit and his fingers were warm and gentle as he worked to get it just right, making sure the top part of my slit was visible and that the bottom was tucked neatly between my lips.

I had my legs open for him and while he was spreading my pussy open to get the suit just right, he kept brushing over my clit by accident, sending these hot, shivering tingles all down my spine. It was embarrassing both because Jacques was watching us and because I knew he could tell how wet I was and how turned on showing myself to both of them was making me…

“How does that feel?” Matt murmured, looking up at me from his place between my legs where he was adjusting the tiny bottom of the micomini bikini between my pussy lips.

“I…I think that’s good,” I murmured, enjoying the way his long fingers stroked over my hot clit as he adjusted me.

“Excellent.” He smiled at me and arranged me in the chair again with my legs spread wide. Jacques murmured approvingly as he clicked picture after picture of my hard nipples and plump little cunt on display beneath the tiny bikini. By this time my pussy was all wet and swollen from all the attention Matt had been giving me and I knew that this time they wouldn’t have to pour a cup of water on my crotch to get the ‘wet look.’

Then Jacques was motioning to my legs and Matt came over and asked if I minded taking some shots that involved ‘extra exposure’.

“What does that mean?” I asked, feeling nervous and hot all at once.

“This manufacturer likes to show some special shots on their website—we just pull the bottoms a little to once side,” he explained. “Nothing really obvious, just like you were at the beach and you’re tying to adjust your bikini and it shows a little more. Do you mind? It pays more money than the regular shots.”

By then money was the last thing on my mind. I was loving the hot feeling I got from exposing my tits and pussy on film. The idea that not only Matt and Jacques but also lots of horny guys on-line would see me made me even hotter.

Following Matt’s instructions, I pulled the tiny triangle of fabric away from my glistening wet pussy, as though I was trying to adjust it. By this time I was so swollen and wet that my cunt lips were opening up like a flower. Jacques clicked several very nice shots of the hot pink inside of my pussy and my throbbing little clit, spread wide and wet and open for the camera.

Then it was time to change swimsuits again. I couldn’t imagine anything smaller than what I had on, but Matt showed me something called an ‘invisible thong’. Basically the top was just a series of hot pink neon strings that outlined my full breasts instead of covering them. The bottom was even smaller. It was a single string that came up between my bare pussy lips, hiding nothing but my clit. It wouldn’t even hide that if I spread my legs and it slipped to one side.

Matt helped me adjust it and this time his long fingers slipped all the way up inside my hot wet pussy when I spread my legs for him. I knew he was fingerfucking me and not just adjusting the suit, but I couldn’t seem to make myself ask him to stop.

“You like this, don’t you?” he asked, pressing two long fingers all the way up inside my tight little cunt. “You like showing off for the camera.”

“Yes,” I whispered, spreading my legs a little wider. God, I was so hot!

That was when Matt told me that there were some other shots they could take—some that he would be in with me—that paid even more. Like I said, money was the last thing on my mind. I said yes almost before the words were out of his mouth.

Before I knew it, I was on my hands and knees in the sand of the beach set and Matt was behind me, pulling the tiny string of the invisible thong out of the way.

“I’m just going to pose with the head of my cock against the outside of your pussy,” he explained. “That way it looks like we’re really fucking.”

“Okay,” I agreed breathlessly, and spread my legs for him, shivering with anticipation.

I heard the low purr of Matt’s zipper going down and then the broad, mushroom shaped head of his cock was pressing against my wet, open pussy. He started rubbing it up and down my slippery slit while Jacques took picture after picture of us. I felt so hot, with my tits hanging down like ripe fruit and my legs spread wide while Matt rubbed his cock against me, that I thought I might explode.

After a while he said, “Let’s try something different. I’m going to spread your pussy lips open and just put the head of my cock inside you. That way it looks like we just fucked and I’m pulling out of you after filling you up with my cum.”

His hot naughty words excited me so much I felt like I couldn’t breath.

“Okay, I murmured, wanting to feel him inside me, even if it was only the head. I tilted my pelvis back and spread my thighs wider, feeling hotter than I ever had before.

I felt a stretching sensation as Matt pressed the broad head of his cock against my tight little entrance, entering my hot cunt. And that was when it happened. See, the problem was that I was too hot. All of the fondling and posing I had been doing had made my pussy wetter and slipperier that it had ever been before. When Matt tried to just put the head of his cock inside me, over half of his thick length slid right up into my open cunt.

Well, I guess I knew it was wrong but by that time I was past caring. I braced myself on my hands and knees and pushed back, feeling the rest of Matt’s hard cock slide home, so that the head was pressing hard against the end of my tight, slippery channel.

“Just do it,” I whispered. “Just fuck me.”

Matt groaned and I could feel him gripping my hips hard. Then he pulled back and sank his thick shaft all the way into my wet, open pussy again. Over and over he pounded into my willing cunt as I braced myself on my hands and knees and tried to handle his rough, delicious fucking.

Before I knew it, I was coming hard, all over his cock and Jacques was taking pictures of the whole thing. Then I felt Matt spread me wide and press as deep into my pussy as he could. There was a hot wet sensation and I knew he was coming in my unprotected pussy. The sensation was so intense that it triggered a second orgasm and I could feel my cum soaked cunt squeezing his shaft, as though trying to milk every last drop into my body.

By the time Jacques finally did take the ‘pull out’ shot, it was for real and I knew all the viewers on the internet would be able to tell by the thick white cum leaking out of my freshly-fucked cunt.

Matt helped me clean up and shook my hand, then I got dressed and went to wait for Sharon down stairs. It wasn’t long before she appeared, looking all worn out.

“Boy,” she said. “That was a rough shoot.”

I grinned at her. “Tell me about it!”