The Switch

The Switch

An erotic interlude with the characters of Dangerous Cravings.

It’s been a year since detectives Cole and Alex solved the BDSM serial murder spree that was going on in the seamy Tampa streets. In that time they’ve become much more than partners and best friends.

They are lovers—Dominant and submissive. Alex willingly submits to her master’s hand and Cole has learned to give her both the pain and pleasure that she needs.

But now Alex wants to crack the whip for a change, and Cole’s not sure he’s willing to take it lying down.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains elements that may be objectionable to some readers: BDSM.

Genre: Contemporary. Series: Dangerous Cravings. Romantic Themes: M/F and BDSM.

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“You like this, Cole?” Alex asked, climbing onto the bed with me. “You like these?” She gestured to her bare chest and I had to bite my tongue to hold back a moan. She knew I loved her breasts. I could spend hours on her nipples alone. I pulled harder at the ropes, making the headboard rattled restlessly against the wall behind it. I wanted her with a fierce, aching intensity that was making me crazy.

“I can see that you do.” Alex answered her own question. She had abandoned the riding crop now, leaving it on the floor beside the bed. She crawled forward on her hands and knees, her full breasts hanging down like some kind of gorgeous, ripe fruit, until she got to me at the head of the bed. Then, moving like a cat, she straddled me. The leather of her pants creaked sexily with the sinuous motion and suddenly her breasts and berry-ripe nipples with their slender gold rings were right in my face.

“God, Alex!” I had time to grate out and then she was pressing her right nipple against my open lips.

“Suck me,” she commanded, using her best Mistress voice. I didn’t have to be told twice.

I sucked the ripe tip of her breast eagerly into my mouth, savoring the salty-sweet flavor of her skin and the slight metallic tang of the gold ring that pierced her tender nipple. I sucked hard at first, taking as much of her breast into my mouth at once as I could, greedy for the taste of her. Alex moaned and put her hands on my shoulders, her fingertips digging into my skin. I eased up and threaded the tip of my tongue through the slender golden hoop, tugging at it to tease her sensitive nipple to attention.

“God! Cole!” Alex moaned, her fingers tightening on my shoulders. Hearing her say my name like that was almost too much. My cock was throbbing, swollen with need for her. I tugged on the ropes that bound my arms again, wanting to be free to grab her and do more, much more than just suck her nipples.

She pulled back for a moment, panting breathlessly, her fingers still tight on my shoulders. I surged forward, trying to recapture her nipple or to find the other one. I was addicted to the taste of her and I wasn’t nearly satiated yet.

“No.” She shook her head, her cheeks flushed with passion. The nipple I had been sucking was red and swollen looking and I knew that she had to be very wet under those leather pants right now. Having her nipples sucked and played with always makes Alex hot and slippery and ready for me. Ready for my cock. I felt a flash of frustration at the ropes around my arms again, the ropes that were keeping me from taking her.

“Why not?” I demanded, forgetting I was supposed to be subservient.

“Because…because you’re going to do as I say.” Alex frowned but she looked a little less sure of herself now.

“Is that right, Mistress?” I grated, staring her in the eyes, something no proper submissive would dare to do.

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