The Last Man on Earth

The Last Man on Earth

This book is a novella, about 35,000 words long. It was first published in 2006 but it has been out of print for years now. I am rereleasing it with an excerpt from CLAIMED, the first book in my Brides of the Kindred series and also a short excerpt from CURSED, the 13th Kindred volume coming out this fall.

Ariana Seven lives in a world without men. After a plague wipes out everyone with a Y chromosome, the women of Earth create the perfect utopian society. Secretly, Ari feels like a freak—she’s just not attracted to anyone. Dating is a nightmare—and having sex? Forget about it!

Jackson Taylor has had the worst kind of day. He’s screwed out of a promotion, his girlfriend dumps him, and just as he’s about to get flattened by a city bus he’s sucked into a time portal into the future. In this perfect world, they have only one use for men—as sperm donors. One look at Ari’s silver-blond hair and velvety black eyes and he loses his heart. But how will Ari feel about…The Last Man on Earth?

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“You’re here to what?” Jackson stared in disbelief at the slender blond girl standing in front of him. She was gorgeous, there was no denying that. With her long silky, silver-white hair and those big black eyes, she was an exotic beauty the likes of which he’d never encountered, even on business trips abroad. And her outfit, although bizarre, was indisputably erotic.

She was wearing some kind of clear plastic dress that clearly showed the upper and lower curves of her full breasts pressed against the ungiving material. Only a thin strip of scarlet hid her ripe pink nipples from view. Jackson knew they were pink because the upper curves of her areolas peeked over the scarlet strip when she breathed.

Below her waist, similar strips of scarlet banded her hips and slipped between her thighs, and a long sash of the same color was belted around her slim waist. If he looked—and he couldn’t help looking—he could see the outline of her shaved pussy lips behind the clear plastic. The scarlet string that led between them and barely covered her slit only served to emphasize her plump pouting outer lips.

The entire vision was enough to give him an instant hard-on. But his cock didn’t rise in reaction to the blond girl’s provocative outfit. As hot as she was, he had several things working against his arousal.

To start with, he was chained to the bed. Jackson liked kinky sex, as long as he wasn’t the one being chained or tied up. But today, no one had asked him if he wanted to be tied. Seven large, Sheera-looking Amazon women had dragged him into the white sterile room, stripped him, and laid him on the bed, locking his wrists and ankles into unbreakable restraints.

The second thing that kept him from reacting to the blond girl’s luscious body was the device she held in her hand. Large, scary, and silver, it looked like an old fashioned milking device his uncle had used on his dairy farm, but with only one nozzle instead of several. Only, this was no farm and Jackson was no cow.

“You’re here to what?” he asked again, aware the girl had taken another hesitant step towards him, a look of uncertain determination on her lovely face.

“Please maintain your erection,” she said, repeating her earlier words. “I am here to harvest your reproductive material. With or without your cooperation.”