Stress Relief

Stress Relief

Andi Tibideaux has no life. As a controller for the CTA she spends her days in a dark little room overseeing a stable of highly trained assassins—cold blooded killers conditioned to do the agency’s dirty work without question. She’s stuck in her job since no one ever leaves the shadowy government agency and lives to tell about it, and she hasn’t even been with a man for two years for fear of breaching protocol.

But her life goes abruptly from boring to terrifying when her best agent goes rogue. To her dismay, Andi is ordered to go relieve his stress personally by offering herself as a sexual outlet for his animalistic needs. Alpha is a huge, ruthless killer and Andi is sure that showing up at his door is suicide. She’s frightened to death but having no choice, she follows orders.

Is she in for a night of terror and brutality? Or will giving herself to Alpha turn into an evening of passion and desire when she offers him…Stress Relief?

Stress Relief is a work of short fiction, 10,000 words long.

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As she stood in the elevator of agent Alpha’s apartment building Andi tugged uselessly at the tight black mini skirt that kept trying to ride up her thighs with every step. She had been forced to raid the closet of clothes she kept for the girls in order to find something provocative to wear. A career in counterintelligence didn’t exactly lend itself to a sexy wardrobe, at least not in Andi’s case since she worked behind the scenes. She supposed she could have been some kind of Mata Hari spy—if the Agency had deemed her good enough. But with her plain dark brown hair and eyes and pale skin she wasn’t nearly glamorous enough for that kind of role.

In fact, she thought as she pulled nervously at the thin red silk blouse that barely covered her breasts, she wasn’t even glamorous enough to impersonate one of her girls. They were willowy and tall with huge fake boobs and long, coltish legs—obviously designed by a male scientist to be the epitome of what men wanted. Andi was petite and wore a B cup—not exactly the male ideal. She just hoped that Agent Alpha wouldn’t take one look at her and decide she wasn’t good enough to use. No, say it, Andi, not use—fuck. You hope he won’t take one look at you and decide you’re not good enough to fuck.

Andi swept both hands though her hair, her thoughts a chaotic swirl. Oh God, he’s going to fuck me. I can’t believe this. I haven’t even had a date in two years because of this stupid job—I’m practically a virgin all over again. Agent Alpha is going to rip me in two. I’ll be lucky to get out of his apartment alive.

She tried to consider her options—but there were no options. Refusing to do as Central had ordered or running away from her post would both result in the same thing—certain death. When she had accepted a job as an agent control enabler which was the Agency’s fancy name for her position, she’d had no idea what she was getting herself into. Not until it was too late to get out of it alive.

What she wanted to do in the worst way was run, just get out of town and possibly out of the country and try to start a new life somewhere else. But she didn’t have the training to avoid the people the Agency would send after her. Come to think of it, they might even send the very agents she was currently overseeing. The thought of Alpha on her tail, intent on eliminating her gave Andi the cold shivers. Better she should take her chances fucking him than that. Better she should just get on with it and hope she came out the other side in one piece.

Lifting her chin, Andi tried to stop the negative thoughts and control her fear as she walked up the deserted hallway to knock on his door. The thick gray carpet under her feet made no sound but before she could even raise her hand a low voice called from inside, “Come in. It’s open.”