Sex with Strangers

Sex with Strangers

Lissa is an unwilling porn star. In order to pay off her uncle’s gambling debt she is forced to perform for X-rated webcasts. Touching herself for an Internet audience is awful but what Lissa really fears is that Adam and Cal will find out.

Adam and Cal are two ordinary guys—for werewolves anyway. They’ve been a bonded pair for five years now and Lissa is the only female who can make their Triad complete. They just haven’t figured out how to reveal their true nature without scaring her off forever.

Matters come to a head on Valentine’s Day when Lissa is offered a deal—her uncle’s debt will be paid in full if she will perform one time only for another website, Bound and Forced. The last thing Lissa wants to do is have sex with strangers but she’s so desperate she agrees. What she doesn’t know is that the two men she’ll be having sex with aren’t strangers. They are Adam and Cal and this Valentine’s night just happens to be a full moon.

Genre: Paranormal. Romantic Themes: Menage a trois (M/F/M) and Shifter.

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When she awoke she was lying someplace warm and soft and somehow familiar. A bed? Yes, but not her bed—the sheets didn’t smell right. Instead of the faint perfume of fabric softener they had a warm, spicy scent that was somehow familiar. There was another scent too, something delicate and floral—roses? Her seeking hand stroked out across the sheets and found a small, velvety object. When she brought it to her nose the floral smell intensified. A rose petal? she thought groggily. Feeling around with one hand, she found another and another. The thought that she was lying in a strange bed strewn with rose petals roused her sleepy mind and she began to think.

Why was she in bed? And whose bed was she in? Lissa forced herself to open her eyes but the room she was in was very dimly lit and it was hard to see. Was it night? Was she all right?

She shifted experimentally to find out. There was a slight stinging sensation on the skin of her upper left arm but someone had thoughtfully bandaged it and it didn’t seem serious. There was also an ache behind her eyes and the back of her head was tender to touch but other than that everything was fine.

As her eyes adjusted to the light she realized she wasn’t alone in the room. Two large masculine figures were sitting at the end of the bed she was lying in and one appeared to be holding the other.

“Easy,” she heard a deep, familiar voice say. “I know it hurts but you’re going to make it.”

“Hurts is a fucking understatement,” a second voice growled. “Like somebody stuck a knife in me and keeps twisting it.”

Lissa’s head cleared and she realized the two men were Adam and Cal. Was one of them hurt? She had a sudden memory of everything that had happened, the blond beast coming for her, the black beast roaring, except…except they weren’t beasts, they were Adam and Cal all along. And Cal really did try to save me. He took a bullet for me! Is he all right?

“I think you’ve gotten rid of most of the silver now,” Adam’s deep voice said. “Let me heal it.”

Cal shrugged lopsidedly—the bullet must have gotten him in the arm. “I’m fine.”

“You’re not fine until I heal it. Will you hold still or do I have to hold you down?”

“Going all Alpha on me now?” Cal’s voice was half amused, half angry.

“If I have to.” Adam was implacable. “Now lie back and let me heal you.”

Cal sighed but relaxed back onto the bed without further complaint. He was naked, his smooth tan skin on display in the dimly lit room. High on one side of his chest was a wound the size of a penny that looked fresh and painful. A bullet wound? From earlier? Lissa wondered. It seemed plausible but she wasn’t sure.

Cal was lying sideways across the mattress, his lower legs hanging over the side. If it hadn’t been such a huge bed he would have been touching Lissa where she lay under the sheets and covers. As it was, his head nearly brushed her feet. She wanted to curl up to give him more room but if she did that the two men would know she was awake. And for some reason Lissa wasn’t ready for that yet. She wanted to watch awhile longer, to listen and see if she could learn something the same way she’d listened the night she fell asleep between them.

“That’s better,” Adam growled softly. He was also naked but unharmed, she was relieved to see. Despite the seriousness of the situation, both men were semi-erect. Lissa lay snug in her cocoon of covers, watching their muscular bodies and feeling like a voyeur. But they were so beautiful she couldn’t look away.

Moving swiftly, Adam straddled Cal’s body and bent his head to the wound. He murmured something in his deep voice and Lissa just barely caught it.

“As your Alpha, I heal you. As your friend, I care for you. As your bondmate, I love you.”

Then, bracketing Cal’s body with his own, he began to lap gently at the wound on his friend’s chest. The head of his cock brushed casually against Cal’s half-hard shaft but he didn’t seem to mind. Cal apparently wasn’t bothered by the intimate contact either. He’d seemed tense when Adam first started but then he gave in to the other man’s gentle treatment. Sighing, he reached up to wrap his arms around Adam’s back, pulling him down so that their muscular chests met and the slightly larger man was resting completely on top of him.