Sayana Nakamura is of one of the great houses of planet Kanasum and she has the silver eyes and indigo hair to prove it. But when her family name is tainted by bad luck, she is shunned by the superstitious people of her home world. Because of her genteel breeding, Sayana is expected to accept her fate and die with dignity. She refuses, and goes looking for a new destiny aboard the casino ship orbiting her home planet. There she must do the unthinkable—sell herself to the highest bidder in the sex auction in order to earn the credits to survive even though she knows this will brand her forever as an outcast when she returns to Kanasum.

Caleb Joiner is an ex-smuggler with time to kill and money to burn which is how he ended up on the casino ship in the first place. He is drawn to Sayana’s delicate beauty but it is her fierce courage in the face of adversity that wins his heart. He tries to talk Sayana out of auctioning herself off but she is determined to follow her destiny.

What can Caleb do but follow her…all the way to the auction and beyond.

Publisher’s Note: Outcast is a re-edited, revised book previously released by another publisher, and it contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Dubious consent, exhibitionism, voyeurism.

Genre: Sci-Fi/Futuristic. Romantic Themes: Interracial and M/F.

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Behind the dirty paper wall, Sayana could see the silhouette of a sleepy girl sitting up from her mat and running a hand through her tangled hair. No doubt her locks would be a pale, washed-out blue, unlike the rich color of Sayana’s own, and her eyes would match her hair, proclaiming that she was no virgin. But other than that, she and the girl might very easily switch places, Sayana realized. Both of them were forced to sell themselves for credit, and neither had any choice in the matter.

Apparently tired of waiting, the madam slid open the door and stuck her head inside. She lowered her voice, but Sayana could still hear her scolding the hapless girl who had been woken to service the man. “Get up, you lazy slut,” she hissed, rapping her knuckles on the wooden frame for emphasis. “I don’t care how late you were up last night — we don’t count hours in this business. We only count men and the credit they bring in. So if you want to eat, you’d better get ready to work.”

She pulled her head from the room and slapped the light wooden framed door closed. Then she padded rapidly back down the hall, and Sayana could hear her talking to the customer again. “Ah, sir, she can barely contain her excitement to see you,” she said smoothly to the waiting customer. “Come right this way — you will be the first with her this afternoon. And I know how you men enjoy being first.” She fluttered her lashes coquettishly as she ushered a thick-bodied man dressed as a common laborer into the room where Tataka waited. When the man was safely inside, she shut the door briskly and turned back to the room where Sayana waited.

Not wanting to appear nosy, Sayana pulled her head back quickly, although she had been fascinated in a sick kind of way with the exchange among the madam, the customer, and Tataka.

“I must go wake the kitchen help. As soon as he’s had his turn with her, he’ll be wanting tea,” the madam snapped.

“I will wait.” Sayana inclined her head meekly.

“Good. I’ll want to be sure no one sees you leave my house.” The madam nodded briskly and bustled away, leaving Sayana to sit and contemplate her fate. But soon enough, the noises she heard coming from the other room drew her attention, and she peeked out the open doorway again. There was a small tear in the tan paper that served as the room’s wall that she hadn’t noticed previously. Through it, she could see a glimpse of color. Did she dare look more closely?

I must live this life soon enough, Sayana told herself. Better that I know what I will be expected to do than that I should accept my fate blindly.

So thinking, she got up silently and crept across the hall. Looking around quickly to be sure that no one else was about and that the madam wasn’t coming back, she put her eye to the small tear and watched the girl Tataka and her customer.

Sayana settled herself, uncertain of what she was to see. When she leaned forward to put her eye to the hole in the paper, all she saw at first was the far wall of one of the blossom girl’s rooms — Tataka’s room, to be exact. Then, just as she was wondering where the customer was, Tataka herself came into view. Her eyes were pale blue-gray and her hair, which matched them exactly, brushed her shoulders in a loose snarl of curls. A short moment later, she was followed by a very large, very naked man.

The man turned for a moment, and Sayana saw his thick shaft, rising like a purple sausage between his muscular thighs. The sight made her feel vaguely queasy — she’d never seen a naked man before. She wasn’t ignorant though — she knew what was to happen next. Tataka would lie on her back and untie her robe so that the customer could stuff his thick shaft between her legs and pump back and forth until he filled her sex with white cream. Sayana wondered how that might feel and realized uneasily that she would likely know before the night was out. But who would be doing the pumping? What gwylo man would buy her virginity and change the color of her eyes? What would it feel like to have a strange man thrusting between her thighs? The thought gave her a forbidden shiver.

She knew she was making the right choice — there was no other way to ensure the survival of her sisters. For now, their mother watched them, putting off her own honorable death at Sayana’s request. But the moment their futures were secured, she would take her own path to the Goddess of Mercy and leave Sayana to do the same. If she didn’t simply fade away from shame first, that was. Sayana was trading her virginity not for her own life but for the lives of those she loved. It was a rough trade, but one she had no say in. Her body was no more than a bargaining chip, and Sayana was determined to think of it that way. She turned her attention back to the hole in the paper. She had much to learn.

The naked customer uttered a command Sayana didn’t catch, but as she watched, Tataka smiled and nodded. The blossom girl untied the sash of her cotton robe and let it slip from her shoulders. Sayana was surprised to see that her plump pink nipples were pierced with golden hoops and that her breasts were joined by a thin gold chain that ran between the hoops. The customer tugged at the chain gently, pulling at the rings that pierced Tataka’s nipples and making the blossom girl gasp with pleasure.

Sitting back, Sayana wondered if Tataka was really feeling pleasure or simply pretending. From the look on her customer’s face, he believed he was truly pleasuring her. Could he possibly believe that a girl who did such things for a living still found joy in them? Maybe the customer only believed what he wanted to believe. Men were such strange creatures.

She put her eye back to the hole, expecting to see Tataka lay on the bed mat and spread her long legs, giving the customer access to her pink sex. Instead, she dropped to her knees before the naked man and abruptly took his large, thick shaft in her mouth.

Sayana gasped and clapped a hand over her own mouth, sitting back so abruptly that she nearly toppled over. She looked up at the heavens appealingly. Am I really going to have to do that? Would the gwylo that bought her demand that she put her mouth on him as well as offering her blossom? She took another brief glance through the hole in the paper and saw something else that was new to her.

The customer had pushed Tataka onto her hands and knees and spread her legs wide. Sayana was in just the right position to see the wet pink gash between the young courtesan’s legs tremble as the customer’s long fingers caressed her heated depths.

“Oh, Goddess. Yes — oh, don’t stop!” Tataka trembled beneath his touch, spreading her legs even wider as he entered her with two long fingers, pressing deep into her wet sex. She was crying out so loudly that her words were perfectly understandable, no doubt rousing some of the other blossom girls sleeping in rooms around her.

Sayana bit her lower lip in consternation. She had never seen anything like this, had never even imagined it. The sight caused a strange, hot sensation between her legs as she watched the customer’s long fingers slide in and out of Tataka’s wet, pink sex. Sayana’s breath came short and hot as she imagined herself in a similar position, naked on a bed with her legs spread wide for a strange gwylo man to touch and fondle. She had never dreamed that any of what she was seeing was possible, and she found she couldn’t look away now. Not until she saw what was going to happen next.

The customer positioned himself between Tataka’s widely spread thighs. The dark shaft of flesh between his legs seemed to throb as he rubbed the mushroom shaped head along Tataka’s slippery sex.

Why, it’s much too big! It will never fit, Sayana thought to herself in consternation as the customer began to press his shaft into the small pink entrance of the young blossom girl’s body. But Tataka didn’t appear to be in pain. To the contrary, she spread her legs wider and pressed back against the man’s shaft, as if to get more of the thick, dark pole inside her.

“Oh, Goddess, yes! Harder! More!” she moaned as, inch by inch, his thick shaft entered her body.

“You’ve such a tight little cunt, my beautiful blossom,” the customer gasped, at last pressing the entire thick length into Tataka’s quivering sex. “I can’t wait to fill you up.”

Sayana had no idea what he was talking about — he appeared to be already filling her — but soon the customer’s words were driven out of her head by his actions. He pulled back until his shaft, now glistening with Tataka’s juices, was nearly out of the young courtesan’s body, and then slammed back in with a violent motion that took Sayana’s breath away. Then he did it again, setting up a steady, pumping rhythm that seemed much too rough for the delicate act of love she had always imagined.

Once again, Sayana was worried for Tataka, concerned that the customer might be hurting her. But once more, her fears appeared to be unfounded. Tataka had grabbed fistfuls of the coverlet and moaned loudly, but the sounds she was making did not appear to be ones of pain. She spread her legs even wider, opening herself willingly for his penetration, and pressed back against the man’s thrusting shaft.

“Oh, Goddess, Tataka.” The customer was moaning as well now. “Coming now, sweet blossom! Coming!”

“Oh, yes! Yes — harder! Do it harder!” she gasped as the thick shaft thrust deeper and deeper into her. “Don’t stop — do it! Do it!

Sayana felt her knees go weak as she watched him grasp Tataka’s hips and pull her close, thrusting as deeply as he could into her wet depths and shuddering as some reaction she didn’t understand overtook him. She could feel the heated warmth growing between her legs as she watched it happen and listened to Tataka’s moans. Suddenly, her legs were too wobbly to support her, and she sank to her knees.

She drew back from the hole and shut her eyes briefly. She tried to imagine herself in such a position and shouting such words. Could she manage it? Even to save her sister’s lives, could she make such a wanton display of her body? Allow a gwylo man to do to her what she’d seen the naked customer doing to Tataka?

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