Valenti & O'Brian, Book 3

In The Assignment, cops Nick Valenti and Sean O’Brian posed lovers to bust a notorious drug lord and discovered their undercover assignment was actually their truth. In I’ll Be Hot for Christmas, O’Brian taught his partner one hell of a sexy lesson. Now, they have a lot to celebrate on the Fourth of July. But Valenti has some less than traditional ideas about how to celebrate. Who needs sparklers and bottle rockets when you’ve got handcuffs and black leather?

Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: toyplay, m/m sexual contact.

Genre: Contemporary and M/M. Series: Valenti & O'Brian.

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“Oh yeah, the RamJack.” O’Brian’s eyes lit up as he picked up a pair of leather chaps and began looking for a way to put them on. “So are we gonna be playin’ the same parts we did there?”

“Well, kind of but not exactly.” Valenti smiled at O’Brian’s eagerness. He couldn’t help remembering that before their time at the RamJack his partner had been angry that he had to play the more submissive role of the ‘boy’ to Valenti’s ‘Daddy.’ But there was no getting around the fact that with his diminutive height, blondish red hair and clear, sea green eyes, Sean O’Brian looked the part. Valenti’s muscular six foot two frame, his black hair and serious brown eyes along with his more up-tight attitude ruled him out of the submissive role.

“Whaddaya mean, ‘not exactly?’ O’Brian asked suspiciously, wriggling out of his skin-tight jeans and kicking off his shoes.

Valenti tried hard not to stare as O’Brian stripped off his shirt as well and began strapping on the chaps. The two weeks O’Brian had been away visiting his folks had felt more like two months to him and just the sight of his partner’s muscular, compact body was enough to make Valenti’s mouth water. There had been a time, of course, when the idea of looking at another man’s body and becoming aroused by what he saw would have seemed like a foreign concept. But that was before he’d given in to the feelings he’d kept hidden for so long and let himself love O’Brian as more than just a best friend and partner.

“Well,” he said, clearing his throat and trying to think how to put it. “It’s more of a Dominant/submissive thing. I’m going to be the Dom and you’re going to be the sub.”

“Meaning?” O’Brian arched an eyebrow at him as he fought with the chaps.

Valenti cleared his throat uncomfortably. “Meaning I’ll be playing your, uh, Master and you’ll be my slave.”

“What, like a sex slave or somethin’?” O’Brian dropped suddenly to his knees and put his hands on Valenti’s thighs. “What am I s’posed to do?” he asked in a low, husky voice. “Want me to beg to suck your cock…Master?”

Valenti’s shaft, which was already half hard from seeing his partner naked except for the black chaps, went from half mast to full in a second. “Since you’re asking,” he began, but before he could finish, O’Brian was on his feet again and examining the chaps he was wearing.

“Ya think this is the way these go?” he asked, looking down at the black leather that framed his round, muscular ass and thick cock. “Is there somethin’ else I’m supposed to wear with them? I mean, I can’t just go out like this, can I? You’d have to arrest me for indecent exposure before we even got to The Castle.”

Valenti cleared his throat, his heart pounding in his chest. “As a matter of fact, there is something else you’re supposed to wear, Partner.” He walked over to the bed and picked up a black leather instrument with a thick handle and a lot of long leather tassels hanging from it. “This.”

“What’s that?” O’Brian asked flatly, walking over to examine it. “Damn,” he said, looking at the handle curiously. “That thing is nearly as big as your cock, Valenti.”

“That’s right, it is.” With a sudden move his partner never saw coming, Valenti pounced on the smaller man and pulled him onto the bed. Then, without missing a beat he grabbed his cuffs and bound O’Brian’s hands behind his back, forcing him into a submissive kneeling position in the middle of the mattress.

“Hey! What the hell?” O’Brian protested, looking up at his partner in confusion. “What’s this for, Valenti?”

“This is to teach you what our roles at The Castle are going to be. Namely that I’m the Master and what I say goes,” Valenti growled. “And also to teach you a lesson, Partner.”

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