A short story set in the world of Evangeline Anderson’s Born to Darkness series.

Victor gets a naughty call from Taylor, inviting him home to try her “cherry pie.” But when he gets to the house, all he finds is Taylor waiting for him with very few clothes on and no pie in sight. Will Victor let that stop him from tasting her luscious dessert? Don’t bet on it.

Set after Scarlet Heat and before Ruby Shadows, Dessert is an erotic short story about alpha werewolf Victor and reluctant vampire Taylor.

Words: 4,560

Genre: Paranormal. Series: Born to Darkness. Romantic Themes: Vampire, Werewolf, M/F, Paranormal, and Audiobook.

Also Available in Audio

Release Date Audio: September 1, 2016
Narrated by: William Martin
Length: 27 mins

Listen to a sample:

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