Anyone U Want

Anyone U Want

What can you do when you’re in love with your hot Billionaire boss and you know you can’t have him? Make an android of him, of course.

Holly Sparks is the plus-sized assistant to Grant Harris the Third—the billionaire magnate of the largest hovercar company in the world. She’s dying for a chance to be dominated by her sexy, unobtainable boss but she knows she’s not his type. While on a business trip to the moon, Holly visits Anyone U Want Androids Inc.—a company that promises to make a life-like android replica of anyone. It might cost her entire Christmas bonus but to Holly it’s worth it to have kinky sex with a man she knows she’ll never have—even if it’s not really Grant.

Grant Harris the Third might appear to have it all but there’s one thing he can’t have—his curvy little assistant Holly. Grant is sure his need to sexually dominate a woman would scare the timid Holly away and he doesn’t want that—better to have her in his life as an assistant than not at all. But then, on a business trip to the moon he happens to find her dream-viewer—full of kinky BDSM fantasies with him in the starring role. And when he sees the brochure for Anyone U Want androids, the temptation to make Holly’s fantasy a reality is just too great.

After all, who needs an android when you can have the real thing?

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Taking a deep breath, Holly twisted the knob and let herself in. An exact replica of her boss’s office back home greeted her.

“Wow,” she muttered, her heels sinking into the plush carpet as she stepped into the room. There was Mr. Harris’s polished wooden desk with its high-backed padded chair and there was her own, smaller chair to one side of it. There was a window—no doubt a holographic reproduction but very good all the same—that showed the same remote view of the city she looked out at every day. There were even stacks of paperwork and an iThink holo pad lying on the desk waiting for her to work on it.

But where was the main attraction? Where was the android Grant Harris?

As if answering her thoughts, the knob turned and the door opened to reveal her boss.

“Hello, Ms. Sparks,” he said curtly, exactly as he always did every morning. Then he went to sit behind his desk and started looking through the papers stacked there.

Holly couldn’t help but gape at him in astonishment. She’d seen the ads for Anyone U Want often enough to have them memorized but none of them had ever shown an android that looked this realistic. Most of the androids she’d seen had slightly plastic looking skin and glassy eyes. Holly had been prepared to ignore these slight flaws—as long as the android looked like a reasonable facsimile of her boss and was able to do everything she wanted, it was good enough for her.

But this…this was amazing. She took a step closer to the android boss, still bent studiously over his paperwork. She wanted a closer look at the Grant android…and then she remembered she could actually have one.

The fantasy doesn’t start until I say, she reminded herself. Until then, I can do anything I want.

Including getting close to her boss in ways she’d always dreamed of but never dared.

Holly knew she was safe but still, he looked so real it took a moment for her to gather her nerve. Only the knowledge that the clock was ticking on her fantasy got her moving.

She came around the desk as she did every day. But this time instead of sitting down in her chair and asking going over the day’s schedule, Holly stepped boldly up to her boss. He was so much taller than her that they were almost an even height, even with her standing and him sitting.

The android Grant took no notice of her so Holly began to feel brave. She took a closer look—yes, it was Grant Harris the third, all right—right down to the dimple on his left cheek and the small touches of silver in his dark hair, right at the temples. He really was a mouthwatering man.

Daring greatly, Holly did something she’d always wanted to do and ran a hand through his hair. For a moment, she almost thought she felt the android shudder, its big frame moving beneath her touch. But Grant continued to stare down at the paperwork and she concluded she must have been mistaken.

Getting braver, Holly lifted his chin, relishing the slight scratch of his whiskers against her palm, and looked into his eyes. They didn’t look glassy or artificial at all. In fact, they were the exact same pale, icy-blue shade fringed thickly with black lashes that she looked at every day.

“Amazing,” Holly whispered to herself, stepping even closer, so that she was between the android’s spread legs. “It’s so real.”

Still the Grant android said nothing. It only stared at her with an inscrutable gaze as Holly ran her fingers through its thick, dark hair as she had always longed to do with the real Grant. He even smelled real—the warm, spicy scent of his expensive cologne filled her senses, making her almost dizzy with desire.

Then she did something else she’d always wanted to do. Cupping his strong jaw in her hand, she bent down and kissed the sensuous mouth.

The android’s lips were pliant under hers and for a moment—just a bare moment—Holly thought she felt him kissing her back. But when she pulled back uncertainly, he stopped at once. Feeling reassured, Holly went back to her kiss. Grant’s mouth tasted of the spearmint candies he liked to suck between meetings—sweet and sharp and hot—so hot. How did they get an android to have such lifelike body temperature?

Somehow she found herself sinking into his lap with her lips still locked with his. God, he felt so solid—so muscular and firm beneath her, just like she’d always imagined the real Grant would. She knew he worked out on a regular basis and she’d seen his broad, muscular chest once or twice when he had to change quickly in the office—she wondered if the android did justice to that particular detail? And speaking of details…

“Oh!” she jumped, breaking the kiss as she felt something hot and hard pressing against her ass. Well, that was surprising. Could the Anyone U Want people really make androids that got hard-ons?

Standing up, she reached boldly into his lap to find out. The android Grant was wearing an expensive looking, dark, tailored suit exactly like the kind the real Grant always wore. Sure enough, tenting the crotch of the suit was a long, hard ridge that  must be his cock.

Mesmerized, Holly reached down to touch it. Then she gripped it gently in her hand, marveling over the size. Wow—she hoped she’d be able to handle all this! She didn’t know if it was true to life or not but it was clear that here at Anyone U Want, size mattered.

Again, as she stroked the hard ridge, she thought she felt the Grant android quiver. But his expression remained blank and Holly decided she must have imagined it. She stroked him again, feeling the heat of his thick shaft in her hand. Would she have that inside her soon? According to her fantasy she would. The very thought made her shiver.

At last, Holly stopped and stood back. Kissing and touching him was fun, but the clock was still running. And no matter what the girl at the front desk had said about everything being taken care of, she didn’t want to get only halfway through and then be told her time was up and she had to leave.

Still, she couldn’t help stealing one last kiss.

“Mmm,” she murmured, pressing her lips to his mouth. “I’ve wanted to do all that for just about forever, I think. I don’t care if I’ll be living on nurtri-paste for a month—this is totally worth it.”

Then she stepped back and went to sit at her own chair beside his desk. Clearing her throat, she raised her voice and said clearly, “Fantasy Start.”