FAQ Segment 1

This week I have decided to answer a FAQ from my readers. I get asked this one a lot. Many wondering where I came up with the Kindred world and all of their gadgets.

FAQ: Where do you get all your ideas from?

Answer: I get my ideas from everywhere. It could be just a reinterpretation of something we already have, or something I wish we had. I might have … Read More »

Evangeline Behind the Scenes

Evangeline Behind the Scenes

Journey with me as we go behind the scenes once a week on my new blog.

During these posts, I will be delving deeper into my books, answering my reader’s FAQs, and more. I might also have special guests that could make an appearance on my blog, but only if they can fit it into their busy schedule. 😉

If this sounds like something you would enjoy, then sign up … Read More »

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