Brides of the Kindred 8

Written By: Evangeline Anderson

Narrated By: William Martin

Shadowed Audio Cover Art

Reddix is a Kindred warrior with RTS—a debilitating disease that forces him to endure the emotions of others like a physical invasion every time he is around anyone.

Nina is the girl he dreams of but can never have.

Will he open up enough for Nina to heal him or will his fate remain Shadowed?



Nina is a normal Florida girl with a job and a life and a grandmother she adores. But lately, she’s been having disturbing dreams: dreams of a man with a shadowed face – a man filled with pain and need and desire only she can slake. She fears him, but at the same time, the dreams leave her breathless with need. Who is this dark stranger, and what does he want of her?

Reddix is a Touch Kindred with an inverted Touch sense – he can’t touch with his mind like others of his kind. Instead, he is doomed to endure their emotions like a physical invasion every time he’s around anyone. Desperation drives him to kidnap Nina – the girl of whom he has been dreaming. But he doesn’t take her out of love, but as a sacrifice to one who claims she can cure his affliction.

Snatching Nina from her job, Reddix takes her on a journey to the stars that ends in disaster. Now, marooned on a strange planet, they will have to learn to work together in order to survive.

Can Nina forgive Reddix’s attack and gain his trust enough to heal him…or will his fate remain forever shadowed?

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Bonding with the Beast:

Kindred Tales

Written By: Evangeline Anderson

Narrated By: McKenzie Cartwright

Bonding with the Beast AudioA single mother afraid to take a chance on love…

A fierce warrior just learning how to feel…

When fate throws them together in the most intimate way possible

Will Isobel run from the Beast…or bond with him?



Isobel Yates is a single mom with no time for romance, but the Goddess has other plans for her.

Hail is a Dark Kindred. Since emotions are outlawed on his home world, he is learning to feel now that he lives on the Mother Ship. Strong emotions are bad news, though–they bring out the part of his DNA that is Bolaxian Beast, a race of beings known for their fierce breeding lust.

Isobel is afraid to trust the huge Kindred warrior with her heart and the safety of her young son but when fate throws them together, she has no choice. When Hail’s beast comes out, will Isobel run from him…or bond with him?

You’ll have to read Bonding with the Beast to find out…

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Brides of the Kindred 7

Written By: Evangeline Anderson

Narrated By: William Martin

A timid priestess turned Mistress…

A proud warrior posing as her slave…

Will their love blossom on the savage world where domination, submission, and kinky sex are the order of the day?

Or will Lissa be Exiled from the one male she loves above all others?


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Chained (Brides of the Kindred Book 9)Chained: Brides of the Kindred 9 is currently in production. It will be narrated by William Martin who narrated the last 4 Brides of the Kindred audiobooks.


A shy scientist with no experience of anything outside the laboratory.

An enslaved warrior with a shadowed past.

Can they rescue each other before it’s too late?

Or will both be forever Chained in darkness…


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