Today, I wanted to give you my Top 5 list for time travel theories that are from movies or tv shows. Some of them might be scientifically possible and others might be completely fictional, but these theories grabbed my attention for one reason or another. I decided to do this blog post, because my book that will be releasing soon, Vanished: Brides of the Kindred 21, has time travel involved in it. Also as a side note,  Vanished will explain how my new series that I am working on, Children of the Kindred, will be able to work.

Number 5: 1979’s Superman: The Movie

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In “Superman: The Movie,” Superman flies around the Earth until he is moving faster than the speed of light, thus traveling back in time. This is visually represented by the Earth appearing to spin backwards.



Number 4: The Terminator franchise

SCC 101 time machine target date

Time travel and its potential for effecting changes on reality is a huge part of the Terminator Universe. By making use of time displacement equipment agents are deployed on missions designed to either ensure, alter, or eradicate the status quo as perceived by the participants at the time. However, the equipment is limited to organic objects, such as humans. Clothes and weapons don’t count.


Number 3: Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle In Time



In “A Wrinkle In Time” (2018, based on the book series that started in 1963), time is folded by means of wrinkling time by using a tesseract; and that “the fifth dimension’s a tesseract. In the novel, the tesseract functions more or less like what in modern science fiction is called a space warp or a wormhole, a portal from one area of space to another which is possible through the bending of the structure of the space-time continuum. This meaning may or may not be loosely related to the mathematical notion of a tesseract, a shape analogous to a cube in a space with four spatial dimensions.


Number 2: BBC’s Doctor Who

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Many of you have probably heard about Doctor Who or at one point or another. Part of that is probably because this tv show has been around for a long time (1963-present) or maybe you love one of the actors who have played the Doctor during one of its many seasons. The show centers around the Doctor who explores the universe in a time-travelling space ship called the TARDIS which is a blue British police box that was a common sight in Britain in 1963.

TARDIS  (Time and Relative Dimension in Space) – a time machine that travels by materialising into and dematerialising out of the time vortex. Outside observers at the departure point see the TARDIS vanish, and those at the destination see the TARDIS appear from nothing.



Number 1: Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling

Turning time

If you have seen the Harry Potter movies, you might remember in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanHermione uses a Time-Turner to attend more classes and exams than would be physically possible. A Time-Turner allows for limited time travel; turning the Time-Turner over once causes everyone within the attached chain to go one hour back in time. It also appears that it allows for some control over where in space they will appear.



So what time travel theory is your favorite? Let me know in the comment section below.

I used a combination of several theories in Kindred 21, Vanished. Have a look at the book trailer (below) for clues!


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