Hello, Readers!

The world of publishing, especially e-publishing is changing every day. As an author, I like to try and stay on top of the latest trends. Also, I like to try different ways of writing which is why I decided to give Radish a try.

Radish is a new reading app where users can test out a book by reading several free installments and then can make a micro-payment to provide early access to each chapter thereafter. Radish offers a literary version of a television series where the reader is hooked on getting the next week’s installment when left with a cliffhanger ending.

So give it a try–I am. My new book, Blood Kiss, will be exclusive to Radish for the first three months. You can read the first three chapters for free to decide if you want to continue–I hope you do because Blood Kiss is one of my favorite books I have ever written.

Hugs and Happy Reading to you All!
Evangeline 🙂


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Kate Cosenza is a vampire slayer, marked from birth to rid the world of the undead. Michael Moran is the answer to an ancient prophesy and a man on the edge of turning to darkness himself. Can Kate save him from becoming what she had sworn to kill? And can she stop herself from falling in love with him at the same time?

Read Blood Kiss to find out.

She is a Slayer, marked from birth to kill the undead.

He is the enemy she is sworn to kill.

The trouble is, she’s falling in love with him…

Blood Kiss