Hello, Readers!

I have two announcements today. The first one is about the possibility to join my street team (see below for info). The second announcement is about my next book coming out, Cougar Christmas (see below for blurb). <3

Street Team

As an indie author, it is increasingly difficult to stand out in a very crowded market. That is why each author relies so heavily on their readers helping to spread the word about their favorite authors. This can be accomplished in many different ways some of which are: telling family and friends about their favorite author, sharing e-book links and one of the best and most important ways is by leaving a review.

To help me with these things and more, I am looking to add some more members to my street team. Members of my street team are able to receive an ARC (advanced readers copy) of any new e-books before they are available to the public or any other book reviewers. Active members will have the opportunity to win prizes by completing tasks/missions/etc. After reading through the various potential tasks below, you decide that you would still like to join then fill out this questionnaire, and I will send an invite to your email address to join. ***Only while space is left***

Things you can do to help!

  • Share links/images/etc. with friends, family and other readers to help spread the word and encourage them to post reviews.
  • Buy my e-books the first week of release, which helps it get on the bestseller lists.
  • Ask your local library to order my books. Give the librarians the title, name, and ISBN number.
  • If my books aren’t on the shelves of local stores, please ask the bookseller to order it.
  • Take promo materials (I will be creating printables and might start sending out bookmarks, postcards, etc. to street team members) to your local bookstores, library, your local reading group, writer group or book club to share with other members.
  • Or you can simply, feature interviews, reviews, excerpts or my guest posts via your blog, website, Facebook page, Twitter, or MySpace page, etc.
  • Send out weekly or monthly tweets to your followers about my books and include links to the excerpts and/or purchase links.
  • Visit during online appearances (FB parties, promos, blog tours, etc.)
  • Share your (honest) review of the e-book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Goodreads.
  • Create a fan-based book trailer and post it on YouTube with a link to buy my books.
  • Encourage others to follow my Twitter, Facebook page, Goodreads, newsletterblog and my Amazon page to receive notices when new releases are published.
  • Join in on #MondayBlogs on Twitter and share your reviews of any of my books.
  • Please vote for my books on Goodreads lists.
  • Please mention my books in message board forums.
  • Or anything else you can think of. 🙂


Want to join my street team?


Cougar Christmas Blurb

cougarchristmas_1000x1500Genevieve Wells is a cold-as-ice boss from Hell and she’s about to lose her job if she can’t produce a mate for the “Intensely Intimate Couples Retreat.” Unfortunately, her husband divorced her–a fact she’s been hiding for months.

Drew Jamison is her long-suffering employee bucking for a promotion. He hates Genevieve but finds her intensely attractive. She’s a frigid beauty who’s over ten years older than him–forever out of his reach.

When Drew agrees to impersonate Genevieve’s husband in exchange for a leg up the corporate ladder, he has no idea how intimate things will get with his beautiful but distant boss. But the retreat really isintense–edible body paints, costumes for role playing, and bondage themed sex toys are part of the standard welcome package at Whispering Pines Couple’s Resort. Not to mention the “Intimacy Exercises” they’re required to perform every night.

Drew and Genevieve play their parts well, but as the pressure mounts, Drew finds himself falling for a woman he once hated. And cold-as-ice Genevieve begins to melt, thawing to the sensual touch of a much younger man.

Will their deception be found out? Will they keep their jobs but lose their hearts? And will Christmas ever be the same again?

You’ll have to read Cougar Christmas to find out…