Hello, Readers!

Many great things happened for me in 2015, and it looks like more is yet to come in 2016. But, I know none of this would be possible without each and everyone of my readers. You all make a huge difference in my life! I hope that all of you have a wonderful 2016 full of happiness and promise for a brighter future.

I wanted to take a look back at my 2015 and give you a glance at what I have planned for 2016 in regards to my books and audiobooks. Take a look below at 2015 and scroll down a bit more for my goals for 2016 (subject to change). 😉

Hugs and Happy Reading/Listening,


A look back at 2015

Looking back at 2015


Goals for 2016


  • 4 Books
  • 1 Audiobook
    • Found: Brides of the Kindred 4