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My guest author interview is New York Times best-selling author, Avery Aster. Avery pens The Manhattanites, a contemporary erotic romance series of full-length, stand-alone novels, and the naughty new adult prequel companion series The Undergrad Years. As a resident of New York City and a graduate from New York University, Avery gives readers an inside look at the city’s glitzy nightlife, socialite sexcapades and tall tales of the über-rich and ultra-famous. Join Avery’s Newsletter and get a free ebookhttp://eepurl.com/CQ665!!!

You have to check these books out–they are SO hot. So of course, I had a few questions for Avery.


Me: What inspired you to begin writing erotic romance? And when did you first start putting your stories down on paper or on your computer screen?

Avery: The first grownup book I snagged from my parents’ den was I’ll Take Manhattan by Judith Krantz. I was 12. Instantly, I was fascinated by the heroine, Maxi Amberville. She’d gone through several husbands, lived at Trump Towers and owned Buttons & Bows fashion magazine. I’d never read anything like Krantz’s work. In the seventh grade, who had? I remember asking my mom, “Do people like Maxi exist in real life?” Mom smiled and said, “Only in cities like New York, dear.” Back then, we lived on a farm outside Pittsburgh next to the Amish.

Later, in high school, I worked as a library page. I’d spend hours reading hardbacks like I’ll Take Manhattan. That’s when I discovered what British writer Sue Limb coined “the bonkbuster.” I tore through the backlist of Harold Robbins, Jacqueline Susann and Jackie Collins. They wrote about intelligent and often sexually aggressive women. I devoured the over-the-top plots but hungered for a deeper connection within the stories. I wanted to feel what they’d felt during those rushed love scenes.

Moving past the bonkbuster to the extreme, one day the head librarian caught me reading Exit to Eden by Anne Rampling (aka Anne Rice). “That’s a shocking book but predictable. Try this.” She handed me a memoir by Elizabeth McNeill called Nine and a Half Weeks. I’d never seen that book before. “What’s this?” I asked. “It’s raw.” Being all of 16, I distinctly recall her saying this because I had no clue what “raw” meant in that context. How could a book be raw? You didn’t bake a book, did you?

McNeill’s writing style was discursive. In the passages, she reflected on her past love for a man she barely knew and her exploration of power play with him. I was fascinated by the intense intimacy she shared with readers. I also was outraged by the ending. The man left her and she went insane. You’ve gotta’ be kiddin’ me.

“Does raw mean … no happy ending?” I asked my boss when I returned the memoir. “Try one of those.” She pointed to a rounder of paperbacks. I cataloged them every day but never gave them much thought. I selected one where the cover illustrated a somewhat faint girl in the arms of a bare-chested hunk. Hmmm … It was Blaze by Susan Johnson. I took the erotic romance home, read it front to back, and loved Jon Hazard Black and Blaze Braddock. Thank you, Susan Johnson!!!

I started writing stories about that time too.

Me: Let’s talk about the Manhattanites series! Oh my goodness this series is hot! How on earth did you come up with this concept? Have you ever thought about turning it into a screenplay?

Avery: I moved to the Big Apple in the ’90s. Many years later, I met and befriended a remarkable New York Times best-selling romance author. We developed an instant friendship. She mentored me and suggested I write about what I know. I reflected on my friends, their relationships and our nightlife. My Rolodex resembled the cast of The Manhattanites and so my series began.

And yes, I would for it to be a TV show! Know any producers? *wink*

Me: Do you find it difficult to write the LBGT genre vs. M/F genre? Which is your favorite and why?

Avery: Relationships, regardless of gender, are the same with their own moments of complexity and tenderness. My favorite to write (at least right now) is ménage/poly as I like the conflict that’s involved in having three characters in a relationship verse two.

Me: What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Avery: Not to listen to authors. LOL!

Me: What do you feel has been the most challenging thing you’ve encountered as a writer?

Avery: Getting new readers. Every time a new release comes out I want to EVERYONE to read it. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Me: Do you ever read your reviews? If so, how do you deal with the negativity?

Avery: I must be a masochist because I love the negative reviews. I always learn something new about the reader’s experience and can usually see it their way. How folks interrupt our stories always fascinates me.

Me: Also, my readers want to know, what color underwear are you wearing? 😉

Avery: Today, its neon yellow with neon blue trim.

Me: What is your current release? Give me all the dirty details and I want a naughty excerpt too!

Avery: Yay! Here’s the blurb for UNSAID (The Manhattanites #3)

For fans who loved the snarky wit of Will & Grace and the epic love drama found in Brokeback Mountain comes Avery Aster’s new full-length, standalone contemporary M/M romance novel, Unsaid.

Chelsea’s hottie Blake Morgan III has reemerged from a nasty breakup. His marriage was a frigid disaster beyond repair, and he vows to be single—forever. Bruised, but still hot in Prada, he creates his Seven Desires wish list, his sexiest imaginings. Blake soon realizes there’s only one man he may trust to make these uninhibited intentions come to fruition: his best friend Miguel Santana.

Lower East Side multimedia artist extraordinaire Miguel Santana may be known as the cocky Latin stud in the city, but all he’s wanted since college was Blake’s hand in marriage. He was livid when Blake walked down the aisle with the wrong guy. Miguel has his own list titled the Seven Needs, which are quite contrary to Blake’s dirty-boy deeds. They involve serious commitments, which may leave his new-to-the-singles-scene buddy sprinting for the door, destroying any hopes Miguel has for happiness.

Can these two hunks conquer their intimate fears and love one another as only best friends can? Join the star-studded cast in The Manhattanites series and see for yourself!

UNSAID Man Candy & Quote Cards

Naughty Excerpt from UNSAID (The Manhattanites)

He went over and peeled his nylon sweats off as Miguel watched, then dropped to his knees on the mattress. Game on. He lowered his shoulders and crawled forward, palms out as a panther approaching a meal. Hungry, reaching for his friend’s cock with his right hand, Blake stroked his shaft with his left. He witnessed his friend’s eyes roll back in pleasure. Other than his own, he hadn’t held a cock in his hands in years. Miguel’s pink head deserved his attention. A little freaked out by how easy this was, by how natural it felt, Blake tried to stay calm and just go with it.

Miguel moaned louder in Spanish then ordered, “You’re going to be a good niño and suck my cock.”

Nodding in agreement, he asked, “And then?”

“Don’t use your hands.” Cupping his fingers around Blake’s jawline, Miguel brushed his thumb over his lips.

“I’ll keep my hands behind my back.” He clasped his palms by the floor.

“Once I’m nice and hard, I’m gonna face-fuck you, hard.” He glanced down at his dick. “When I come, you’ll swallow me—whole, understand?”

“Is there anything else, boss man?” He pretended he’d swallow, but would spit it out, like they did in adult films. Yes, that was what he’d do. Or take it on his chest, or maybe his face. Maybe.

Miguel rested himself on the mattress. “Get started.”

Supercharged with enthusiasm, he leaned forward and nipped at Miguel’s dick. He ran his tongue in long strokes along his shaft. Spice, sweet and exotic, enveloped his senses. By far the biggest he’d seen, the dick was thick, too. Licking under the shaft, he produced enough lube to do his duty.

“Taste good?”

“Ah-huh…” He couldn’t believe he was doing this.

“Let me watch you. Take me. Come on, boy.”

First, his lips glided down. The satiny penis head hit the roof of his mouth. He opened wider. A dive down further pressed his face all the way up against the crotch. The black pubes tickled his cheeks.

“Doing good, boy.”

The cock twitched and slid in more. Deeper. Careful not to scrape the skin, his two front teeth rested at the base of his dick.

He looked up at his Latin God with a grin.

Miguel blew him a kiss and seduced Blake to continue. As their playfulness increased, he wondered for a split second what else he’d do for his best friend.

His tongue laced the nuts as he took him in further.  Still nervous to pump the dick with his mouth, he continued to suck, sweetly. His nostrils burned. He thirsted for more.

“Fuck!” Miguel shouted. “Take my entire cock, chico guapo.” He pressed his body against Blake’s face. “Caliente.

He jerked back.

His top became more fired up.

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